Saturday, September 16, 2023

The GOP is now the party of fear mongering

Zorek Richards

 The GOP is now the party of fear mongering. They spread fear amongst their members and the gullible ones will be subservient. It's how they keep them codependent and "loyal." GOP is NRA bought, and it keeps their members armed. GOP voters are not motivated by God, country, or Constitution. They are motivated by fear and fear alone (usually expressed by hatefulness). Everyone is out to get them one way or another except (of course) the GOP leadership who are going to lead them to the GOP "promised land" extracting every nickel and dime they can grift from their fearful devoted goose-stepping minions. Trump didn't start the fire. He just fanned the flames. I think we are, after trying everything else, going to have to send in Yoko Ono to break up these clowns in the House.

     The GOP leader told Megyn Kelly this week that "I could have pardon myself. Do you know what? I was given an option to pardon myself. I had a couple of attorneys that said can you do it if you want." But, seriously, why would he think about if he did not know he was doing something illegal?? He's a old-school criminal and not very bright. He incriminates himself in every interview he makes.
   Republican Congressman Ronnie Jackson is very confused. Ronny Jackson is a political prisoner in the deep deep state between his ears and his own mind. His mind will not pardon him. Reality has a restraining order against him for abuse. He consistently posts a Bible verse on Sunday Twitter, but spends the rest of the time making all kinds of judgments against anyone who is not pro-Trump. Jackson says "Our country is careening off a cliff and this White House's ONLY concern is locking up their political adversaries. They truly hate this country and its people. We need TRUMP back now more than ever!!". No one in the USA that I know of is being jailed for being on the other side of as political party - Democrat or Republican. 
     South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem adamantly denied to Megyn Kelly the rumors that she was having an affair with Trump staffer Corey Lewandowski. I think there is eveidence that she has but until then I will not comment. Megyn Kelly is repeating claims that the Obamas secretly run the government because, when your only audience is MAGA, a racist lie always beats the truth.
    Donald Trump spoke at the Pray Vote Stand Summitt  and said "The moment I win the election, I will appoint a special task force to rapidly review the cases of every political prisoner who has been unjustly persecuted by Biden.. I want to sign their pardons and commutations on day one." At face value that means there would not be any to pardon becasue Biden has not perecuted or jailed anyone.  This week Putin criticized Trump's arrest, trial: 'Shows the rottenness of the American system. When Putin endorses him, you gotta know fascists endorse other fascists.  Liz Cheney put out a statement: "Putin has now officially endorsed the Putin-wing of the Republican Party. Putin Republicans & their enablers will end up on the ash heap of history. Patriotic Americans in both parties who believe in the values of liberal democracy will make sure of it."
The NRA does not defend the second amendment. They defend the money they make off the fools who think they do defend the second amendment. Their biggest nightmare is not Joe Biden, like they claim. It would be the dues paying members who wake up some day realize the NRA used them as  pawns and for grift.
    Texas Congressman Chip Roy said this week on the House floor that “If we're not going to secure the United States of America, we shouldn't fund the government that REFUSES to do so!”...However, that would be at the expense of every citizen in the USA who will be affected by it..and it will touch everyones life (if not directly than indirectly). Congressmen who are over paid anyway and have usually used their position to make extra profit off grift and back room deals...will be unaffected in the short term. But, their wage should be the first thing cancelled and not exempt. I Bet they would be a little more concerned then. 
              North Carolina Lt Governor Mark Robinson told an audience this week that "It is summer. Soon it will be fall. And it will be winter. After that, it will be spring… That's the only climate change that I believe in… Other Ice Ages that happened, I don't think any dinosaurs were going look there’s an eastern airliner flying over us."   Preachers who preach like that  are dangerous. They generally hold a lot of control over what their congregation believes when they preach outside the gospel. They are commissioned to "Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season.." They are "to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up." Allowing a person to be "built up" is to always plant the seed... and encourage growth in their time. Preaching politics, science etc is like an athiest preaching about the "power of God." It just doesnt work and makes no sense and produces horrible fruit.
​   Congressman Jim Jordan said thsi week that "It’s scary that Democrat governors think they can suspend the Constitution just because they want to. Republicans won’t ever stop standing up for your Constitutional rights." (He was referring to 
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham when she said she could suspend part of the Constitution in order to save lives...because of major issues with gun deaths.) January 6, 2021 and the way Jordan has handled, or rather, done everything he can to avoid it, makes Jordan a liar.
    On News Nation this week Ted Cruz tried to debunk the false Democrat claim that there is “no evidence” corroborating the allegations of Biden corruption. “There is a growing mountain of evidence." he declared. But even he didnt say what it was. Ted Cruz affirms everything the GOP does and has for years. Facts are irrelevant. He is wrong a lot. As a former right winger I supported him for President and vioted for him in the Mississippi primary. 

    Matt Gaetz tweeted this week that "Kevin McCarthy Is a Sad, Pathetic Man Who Lies To Hold Onto Power." What he means is that he does not accept the lies someone else pushes. Lying to Hold onto power is the Republican Party Platform.