Friday, February 5, 2021

Goldwater: These Christians Believe They are Acting in the name of God....


This is an actual quote by Barry Goldwater. I understand the sentiment he is conveying but just want to separate Christianity from Christian Nationalism. It has likely been inevitable that the move of Christians into the Republican Party has been ongoing and growing stronger. It was that movement that brought us Ronald Reagan.

The problem is that it has been evolving away from true Christianity into what is now Christian Nationalism. The Christians replaced God as THE answer and mixed God and Republicanism as a duel force. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with Christians being involved in government and is the conflation of the two that is a problem. The mix is a really bad dogma that has and will have a bad end. While Christians have long suggested the anti-christ will come from some secular power or a fascist power...little did they notice that they themselves could be ushering an "antichrist" in. Optimistically I say "were" but a lot of them still are. Rather than keeping Christianity separate and holy it allowed politics to absorb it.

Goldwater, from an era when some intellectualism was still a part of "conservatism" saw that. We are seeing where it has come.