Thursday, November 17, 2022

Rightwing Paranoia Is Strong


 If you have ever wondered, as I have,  what the Rightwingers mean when they talk about "The Establishment" Andrew Wallace (from Kentucky) has written an explanation over at News With Views in an article that would be any Christian Nationaists envy.
     He writes: "
The Establishment, consisting of the Most Wealthy Family’s controlling Corporations, Banks, Media, Judges, Elected and Appointed Officials, Law Enforcement, Medical Care and all Educational Institutions are an Unconstitutional Cabal. This Establishment and the people associated with it are guilty of Treason against the Republic and its Citizens; they are guilty of the Deaths, and unspeakable crimes suffered by Tens of Thousands of Americans. The Establishment, contrary to law is also bringing millions of Muslims and illegal’s into the country as future voters and criminals while we are paying for it.Facts specified in our Constitution, by the Rule of Law and by God, will guide us in terminating the power and control that the Establishment and its minions in government may try to use to defeat us." 
     Is it any wonder that rightwingers are so paranoid? So to defeat this paranoia they create this idea that God and the Rule of Law  (on an equal status) exist only to protect them. Whoops, almost left out "The Constitution" is going to protect them also. Reality just isnt their friend.