Saturday, November 5, 2022

Christian Nationalism: A Dangerous Dogma

 There are no people in the world in any country that God loves more than others. God's gift to man through Calvary is available to any man, woman, or child anywhere at any time. I have noticed that Christian Nationalists seem to think they have some kind of special favor merited from God. (A dangerous dogma because if you think God is on your side anyone in your way will have major trouble or hurt). The idea, like Christian Nationalism, is delusional. It's vain and lofty imaginations at work in peoples minds and imaginations that need to be "cast down"  as Paul mentioned in II Corinthians. In Christian Nationalism, it shows itself as a quest for power, and in most cases, at any cost (racism, anti-semitism, lies, etc), and on and on as imaginations have no boundary.                                           

I struggled for awhile with the idea that a person could be a Christian Nationalist without realizing it as I came across lots of CNs  who adamantly deny it. (Though some are embracing CN now). 

In honest evaluation though, I realized that I pushed many Christian Nationalist ideas for many years. In a country that has "In God We Trust" on our money (among other things) it becomes an almost common theme in Church Americana. I can look at things and events in USA history that seemed to reinforce those ideas until suddenly people like David Barton are preaching about how America has Christ in it's history and since He is a part of history...God will do great things for us 'To further His Kingdom). Waiting on God becomes long and tedious so efforts become political and the imaginations take off. The frustration eventually creates toxic Christian Nationalist ideologies. It is then that the time is ripe for a leader to step up and  use that frustration for their own personal advantage. Donald Trump and Michael Flynn are exploiting that now. We are where Germany was in the 1930s when at that time a relatively unknown but charismatic person established the Third Reich in 1933. 

Christian Nationalism has always had a bad end. Unfortunately the Third Reich lasted about 12 years ending in 1945 but with unimaginable cost.