Sunday, February 14, 2021

Gutless Offensive Pathetic: The Republican Party

If Trump was not responsible for the attack on the Capitol then why did Graham, McCarthy & Rubio call Trump to call it off?

Ted Cruz, a juror in Trump's impeachment trial, said he advised Trump's lawyers and told them they'd 'already won' their case


McConnells excuse:.. Yeah, you're right that he's guilty of all these things, but because of the technicality that impeachment wasn't filed sooner (even tho I'm the one that delayed it until after the election), this impeachment isn't lawful

The Senate needed a majority vote to decide whether or not they could proceed Constitutionally with the impeachment since Trump was no longer President. A majority vote allowed it to go forward. THAT bound them....or should have to their vote. When the Senate votes on bills, if a person is in the minority of a vote...the bill still binds them. So the original vote took the Non-Constitutional issue out of play. SO, any Senator who claims they voted against the impeachment because of the Constitutional issue is a liar.....and abdicated themselves from Senate rules they were sworn in to abide by. I have ZERO respect for any GOP member who makes the "Constitution" the reason for their vote.😡😡😡 The House Democrats did a GREAT job on the case and it should have been a slam dunk. Trumps attorneys were horrible and as dishonorable as Rudy, Sidney and that other nutjob whose name escapes me right now. And Ted Cruz...dont get me started on him.....