Friday, January 29, 2021

Constitution is becoming a just prop for most of the GOP


πŸ‘‰I think it's pretty clear now that the Constitution is becoming a prop for most of the GOP. Whenever they lay claim on it they use it in a way to defend their actions regardless of how ethical it is. The very bad thing about that is that they have no foundation for their actions. They become rudderless but with leadership authorities.
πŸ‘‰They did not get here overnight. It's been progressing over the years until now here we are. Trump exemplifies everything that is wrong with American politics.......and the really sad thing is that he may not be THE problem as much as he is just a symptom or a result of the problem.😳😳
πŸ‘‰Freedom of the Press is a foundation of freedom because it was established to keep Government honest. The GOP has avoided that check by only seeking out the press that shares their rudderless views. They seek only yes-men to affirm whatever whim the wind blew into their head on any given day. Turn on Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity and the best of the worst of the GOP will likely be there getting their egos stroked.
πŸ‘‰Ive thought many times over the last few months that things are so nutty that you just think some adult should step in and set them straight. BUT, they dont have one. The have no accountability. .....not even to their own constituents (unless they are also yes-men....but, of course, that is not accountability.. it's more like subordinate partners in crime).
πŸ‘‰Personally I cannot see this ending well short of divine intervention.